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Drive more sales to your online store


Gem Media is NOT a Social Media Manager. I am your results-driven Campaign Manager, focusing on a solid 12 week strategy for your Fashion, Retail or Beauty business.

I understand hiring a Social Media Manager can save you time, but there is so much more to Social Media than uploading one post a day to maintain visibility. From my 10+ years experience, I have found that in order for your business to drive sales, you need a 12 week omni-channel strategy and a full campaign implemented. 

What does a 12 week campaign look like?

Weeks 1- 4: This is where we have our initial 1-to-1 Strategy meeting. From this session, I will understand what Marketing you have been doing in your business, what your revenue currently looks like, what your desired financial income is and what product/service you are looking to maximise. 

From there I will compose a strategy report and if you would like to go ahead with the 12 week Campaign Management, I will send over a Campaign plan, outlining organic social media posting, paid advertisements, website updates and report structure.

Weeks 4-8: This is where I begin implementing Marketing activity. You can expect daily social media posts across Facebook & Instagram grid and story, with emphasis on your spotlight product/service. I will look to engage with new people, and engage with your existing audience, to grow your social media following organically.

To support with growing your audience, I will create x2 paid Facebook & Instagram adverts and set them up for a one month basis. 

Weeks 8-12: You will receive your monthly report from the organic posting and paid ads, to see the traffic that has come through to your website, as well as any enquiries and/or sales that have been generated.

The report will enable us to identify positive trends or areas of improvement for the next 4 weeks.

I will continue posting for the next 4 weeks, create an additional x2 paid Facebook & Instagram adverts and set them up for a one month basis.

You will then receive your final report outlining your investment Vs the ROI.

Our goal is to help our clients build great online businesses with the content that converts on your online store.

If you would like to get started with your 12 week project, please click here to book your Strategy session.


Campaign management


         Fashion, Retail or Beauty Businesses looking for a campaign to drive sales. 

Hire your Campaign Manager and receive the following support over the next 12 weeks:

1-to-1 Strategy Session and Business & Marketing Strategy Report

• 12 Week Project Plan

  • 12 Week Social Media Content and uploads

• Facebook & Instagram paid ads

  • 8 week and 12 week report

"We worked with Gem Media to launch our products on our website. Gemma took the photos herself and built us a Wix website. She then used Social Media to post about these products and we reached our business targets in just 3 months!"






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