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Email Marketing






Keeping your business at the front of your customers minds can be done quickly with email marketing.


This new era of digital has lead email marketing to be an essential tool in the marketing mix with it's ability to send products, services or promotions through one mass message, albeit a newsletter or general e-shot.


Sending out emails should be integrated with online campaigns and the same content should also be published to your company website and social media channels to remain consistent and enable a powerful marketing communication.


The design and content of an email template is critical as well as the message that you are sending out. It is also important to consider a call to action on each email to encourage the viewer to make action whether that is to click through to your website, like you on facebook or claim a special offer.



Our design team will create you a branded template that will cover all the key elements to a successful email campaign. 


If you do not hold a customer database, we do offer an 'email list' service whereby we research and gather data relevant to your target audience. Ask us about this service for more details.


What we do:


  • Plan a communications strategy.

  • Create branded templates.

  • Design graphics.

  • Create engaging content.

  • Plan integrated message on website and social media.

  • Professional photography.

  • Include call to actions.

  • Statistics on click through and open rate.


"We had email addresses on an Excel spreadsheet and used to email every one individually which was time consuming. Gemma put them all in 1 system and devised a thorough strategy, which made it easier for us"

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