Facebook Ads Adventure 

Welcome to my NEW 4 week program!
Join me on a journey and learn how to take your business from organically posting on social media daily, to generating multiple leads from one Facebook & Insta Ads. 

This Ads Adventure will cover everything from:

-   Setting up an ads strategy
- Launching an ads Campaign
- Creating a funnel framework to rinse & repeat recurring revenue
Become a Social Media Pro at creating Ads

The Ads Adventure is a 4 week program, and is ideal if you want a quick solution on how to use Facebook Ads.


Ads should be part of your Marketing strategy as they will help you reach your desired target audience and achieve your income goals, without the need for you to be posting daily. 

What will I learn?


-  Create a unique ad strategy 

-  Launch a successful ad campaign

-  Set up your pixel

-  Develop a qualification framework to use over and over again

Is Ad Adventures for me?


  • Fast to learn 

  • Flexible but structured so you can learn around your schedule

  • Personalised and supported

  • An online experience

           Sign up to the Ads Adventure today for £400


The Schedule is: 

Sun 12th Sep, 6pm - 7pm

Sun 19th Sep, 6pm - 7pm 

Sun 26th Sep, 6pm - 7pm

Sun 3rd Oct, 6pm - 7pm


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