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Discover how effective Facebook and Instagram Ads are
in 4 weeks.

Join me on a journey and learn how to take your business from organically posting on social media daily, to generating multiple leads from one Facebook & Insta Ads. 

This Ads Adventure will cover everything from:
- Setting up an ads strategy
- Launching an ads Campaign
- Create a funnel framework so the sales come in
- Implement a rinse & repeat revenue system
Become a Social Media Pro at creating Ads

Take time out your business and let your systems strategically bring in the sales


Let me tell you about this one adventure in particular...

The photos above share the same thing in common. I was in L.A and I knew I'd be super busy exploring, so I set up some paid ads on the Meta Suite and that week I made £6k on the service I was trying to sell!


This is when I realised, Paid Ads are essential for selling...

The Ads Adventure is a 4 week program, and is ideal if you want a quick solution on how to use Facebook Ads.


Ads should be part of your Marketing strategy as they will help you reach your desired target audience and achieve your income goals, without the need for you to be posting daily. 

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4 weeks

4 modules

4 live coaching calls


Contact us for more information

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Ready to invest in your skillset, knowledge and business?

Your Investment on the Ads Adventure programme is £500 inc.VAT. 

Fly high with us and get:

4 weeks of live coaching calls

4 weeks of mentorship

4 modules and workbooks

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