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Marketing Makeover


Following the success of 1:1 Strategy Sessions, I have just released this fantastic 8 Hour Programme.


The 2020 Marketing Makeover:

I have taken the practice and experience from my Strategy sessions and invested my knowledge into my EIGHT HOUR Marketing Makeover programme.

This is an insanely- valuable, limiting-time, amazing offer and NOW IS THE TIME to take advantage...

If you're anything like me, you are wrapping up your goals for the year and thinking about what you want 2020 to mean to you.

- What do you want to accomplish ?

- What is your desire to earn?

- Who do you want to help?

- What worked for your business last year?

- What didn't work for your business last year?

For me, this is a time when I need fresh content. I need to feel inspired. I need some insights and I need new direction.

So...that's why I made the Marketing Makeover for you.

It is much more than analysing your previous marketing efforts and coming up with a new strategy.

The Marketing Makeover will bring you inspiration, fresh perspective, business strategies and tips.

It's designed to support you as you finish 2019 and slay your way into 2020.

The demand for Strategy sessions was UNREAL and I know this Makeover programme will be the same.

2020 is going to be your best year yet.

This programme will uncover the following steps:
- Review & Analysis of 2019 Marketing Insights
- Goal setting
- Strategy planning
- Overcoming self doubt
- Become an expert storyteller online
- Increasing your confidence
- Getting Visible online

- Implementing Multi-channel campaigns
- Sharing core values
- Manifesting Money
- Achieve 2020 goals
- Pitching with clarity
- Targeting the right customers
- Preparing to Scale Up

- Adding Targets

- Introducing KPI's and Metrics


> The 8 Hour Marketing Makeover is run over a series of 4 Weeks and is 2 hours per session.

> All of this is £399

> Each session is £49

(That's 20% OFF my normal session fees)

Will 2020 be the year you get heard?

Will it be the year you stand out amongst competition?

Will it be the year you make more money?

I am so excited to see what this programme can do for you!

Sign up to the 8 hour Marketing Makeover.

Ask me any questions you have.

CHEERS to an even better year!



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