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Hello Creative Queen!


I see you… showing up on the gram and before I let you in on the BIGGEST product to have ever launched at GMT, I want to firstly start by saying I am proud of you.


The Social sphere has changed a LOT and to get noticed as a creator, blogger or influencer, it’s hard out there!


I also understand how time consuming it is to wear all your different hats such as; creative director, researcher, trend analyser, face of the brand, fashion stylist, MUA, photographer, videographer and more. That’s why, it’s about time you spend the next half of 2022 flourishing in new financial flow by attracting paying clients and brand collaborations.


In this 8 weeks online course, I will be going through how you can grow your personal brand on social media and work with brands to grow your social media business.





Sign up now and start your new journey with the GMT Community on 7th August 2022.


What’s included in this course?


Week 1: Planning your social media

Week 2: Defining your goals

Week 3: Building a community

Week 4: Pitching to brands



Week 5: Monetising your content

Week 6: Planning a campaign

Week 7: Launching a campaign

Week 8: Auditing your performance



How much does it cost?

Pay in full £499

X2 payments £249


How can you sign up?

Click here to choose your payment option.














When you sign up to this course, you will receive the 17 page Instagram planner FREE + access to the GMT community via our very own private Facebook group.

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Gemma Samuel 
CEO of Gem Media Talent Agency 

I’m Gemma, your Social Media Mentor.


I am so over hearing business owners like you tell me that you don’t get sales on social media and that you spend most of your time looking at your competitors, just to end up comparing yourself and even doubting yourself!


Stay in your lane sweetie, because it’s about to be a fun journey ahead…


My mission is to get businesses visible and heard online, and goal-getters like us are showing up online everyday disrupting the digital space and showing what’s possible for businesses in 2021.


I started Social Media 10 years ago. I have managed business accounts in all industry sectors and have tried and tested so many different hacks. I’ve kept up with trends and I thrive on giving you my magic formula for social success.


Allow me to share my skills with you and show you the possibility of what earning more money on social media can look like.

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