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James Mall

I picked up a lot of useful tips and tricks on Gemma's Instagram workshop to make my posts stand out online. Would highly recommend.

Becky Powell

Gemma did a 1-1 Instagram marketing workshop with me and it was FANTASTIC! everything she advised has given me lots of new inspiration and ideas on how to develop my business, can’t wait to action it all. I’d definitely go to more of Gemma’s workshops in the future!

Linzi Jane 

I had a workshop session with Gemma for Instagram marketing. I found this very insightful and helpful for moving my business forward. Thank you so much

Does this sound like you?

  • You have no idea what content to post and when.

  • You have no idea how much money your social media is generating you.

  • You haven't seen results on your social media.

  • You haven't got a strong enough voice on there.

  • You don't have the time.


Stop showing up on social without no direction and start your scalable strategy.

You don’t need to be overwhelmed with conflicting blog posts and tips on how to manage your social media anymore…

  • You need a mentor who knows a social media strategy is unique to your business.

  • You need a strategy that outlines what content you need to create and share.

  • You need to build, develop and nurture a community who fit your vision.

  • You need to be confident in managing campaigns that convert into sales.

And I'm the mentor who will help you with that.




I’m Gemma, your Social Media Mentor.


I am so over hearing business owners like you tell me that you don’t get sales on social media and that you spend most of your time looking at your competitors, just to end up comparing yourself and even doubting yourself!


Stay in your lane sweetie, because it’s about to be a fun journey ahead…


My mission is to get businesses visible and heard online, and goal-getters like us are showing up online everyday disrupting the digital space and showing what’s possible for businesses in 2021.


I started Social Media 10 years ago. I have managed business accounts in all industry sectors and have tried and tested so many different hacks. I’ve kept up with trends and I thrive on giving you my magic formula for social success.


Allow me to share my skills with you and show you the possibility of what earning more money on social media can look like.

Scale your social media in 12 weeks

The high-level program for start-ups and Small businesses who are ready to show up and sell on social media….

  • Who want a strategy to follow.

  • Who are ready to be consistent.

  • Who are ready to build a community of readily accessible buyers.

  • Who want to have sustainable social media platforms.

With me to guide you through and help you reach your full potential, after all you have to show up to glow up.



Your results focused program includes:

Module 1: Your Social Plan

Module 2: Scaling Success

Module 3: Social Strategy

Module 4: Content Marketing

Module 5: Engagement

Module 6: Analysis

Your Support

  • Group Introduction Day

  • 1:1 support in a group setting

  • Social selling modules & worksheets

  • Group Slack channel - communication, accountability & social wins!

Untitled design-88.png

Sue Clarke

I did an online social media course with Gemma. I'm quite the novice so it was great to learn some new skills and Gemma was very knowledgeable and patient. I definitely learnt a lot and hope to put this to good use on my Instagram and Facebook platforms in the future.

Jody Panico

Thank you Gemma for my fab website!

Gemma is great to work alongside with, she also taken over my social media to build my business page up with some great content. I am happy with what Gemma has been posting and would recommend to anyone looking for that extra bit of help.

Lucy Murray 

I had a fab social media strategy from Gemma! She was really thorough and asked loads of questions about my businesses and I got a detailed plan of how to market my businesses for the next 12 months. Highly recommend! Thanks Gemma

Will this program benefit my business?

  • If you're a small business or start-up

  • If you're ready to be visible on social media

  • If you believe in yourself and your product or service

Then this program is for you!