10 reasons to choose GEM MEDIA for your marketing...


1. Free Consultancy

Quite often, companies face difficulty with their marketing because they're unsure of the right approach to take. One of the benefits of GEM MEDIA is that all initial meetings will include a full analysis on your brand and suggestions how to improve your brand, free of charge. A FOC consultancy will enable you to identify goals and propose where you would like to be moving forward. This advice is free and you will not need to pay a penny until the service has been designed, created and implemented.

2. Easy to work with

Outsourcing your marketing is a tough decision to make, but a positive to working with us is that we are not pushy or forceful and although we will advise you on what is best for your brand, we will let you have your say. After all it is your brand and it is important you portray yourself in the right manner to your audience.

3. Expertise and Experience

For the past 5 years GEM MEDIA has been working with B2B and B2C companies in sectors such as Technology, Finance, Beauty, Retail and Hospitality & Leisure. Each and every company has had different requirements in terms of their outcomes, so our experience in marketing via different platforms has been varied and insightful. You can rest assured that your brand will be in safe hands.

4. Creative

GEM MEDIA is very creative and works on Apple Mac with the Adobe package. Our ideas will set your brand away from the competition and make you stand out to your market.

5. Innovative thinking

Here at GEM MEDIA we are subscribed to all the relevant marketing publications and follow some of the biggest coolest marketing agencies. We keep in the know of current campaigns for certain brands and understand what's cool and what's not in the market place. Our marketing skills and innovative thinking will always ensure you are getting the best ideas.

6. Integrated approach

Web, Social, Email, Print, Events and PR are the services we provide. You may need a singular module or you may choose to have the whole marketing mix, which is entirely up to you and what is best to to achieve your goal. Our integrated approach works very well to communicate with a wide audience on different channels. All of our marketing services are carried out with strategic thinking.

7. Account management

We believe in strong relationships with our clients that we're on call 24/7 for all your business needs. Should you need any additional services, or changes to your current service, GEM MEDIA are here to listen to you and put that sparkle in your brand!