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Marketing Abroad; Blog Series

At GEM MEDIA, we believe that travelling is the essence of a well-rounded life; it broadens the mind, introduces you to new ideas, cultures and ways of life and, most importantly, it is absolutely vital for relaxation time.

Working in a savvy start-up, the team at GEM MEDIA do find it difficult to ‘switch-off’ from work mode, meaning that even when holidaying our phones and laptops are never far away; luckily this is the beauty of loving your job!

The thing with marketing is, wherever you go in the world you will be exposed to it in some form or another, from the posters lining the airport walls as you depart the plane to a-boards on the beach front or the friendly waiters standing outside their restaurants proudly summoning you in. These all come under ‘marketing tactics’ and may be the reason you make a particular decision on holiday over another, even if you’re doing it subconsciously.

Have you ever noticed what made you feel more drawn to one place rather than another? As with the sun cream you bought before you left or perhaps the airline you decided to fly with, more often than not you are making these decisions because you have been attracted to their marketing, even the destination itself.

Fusing our passion for travel and our love of marketing, we have decided to bring you our series blog of ‘marketing abroad’ where we will point out the most popular and, in our opinion, the best marketing tactics whilst giving you a little bit of light travel reading, and maybe even a little inspiration for your next trip!

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