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Leisure and Hospitality Industries; Improve your Email Marketing Campaign in the Run up to Christmas

Christmas time… Mistletoe, wine and an effective email marketing campaign!

As the season draws in, its time to start thinking about decorating your business with a festively fresh email marketing campaign. This is especially important for businesses in the leisure and hospitality industries, who can benefit from an influx of customers through seasonal promotions and holiday bookings.

Wondering how to develop an effective email marketing campaign that will pull customers in this Christmas season? We’ve put together a few of our top tips…

1. Speak to your demographic

The Christmas season sparks a time of togetherness and activity, which you should emulate in your email marketing campaign. Are you appealing to couples looking for a festive excursion, students taking a break from studying, families with children on their Christmas break? Or even all three? This is the ideal time of year to perfect your tone of voice and spruce up the way you catch the attention of your desired demographic with attention-grabbing headlines and offers.

2. Seasonal Offers

Everyone loves a treat at Christmas and if you are the one to provide that, you will win a great deal more business. The festive season rouses a spirit of generosity in people, making most more likely to spend on the little luxuries they wouldn't have otherwise. Offers and deals, including 2 for 1’s, discounts and even freebies show that your business is a part of the festive spirit, and readily spreading the joy. Seeing a good deal with a Christmas theme will encourage people to spend more.

3.Call to Action

Make your email that one they just can’t help but click. Your call to action needs to stand out in flamboyant festive spirit. So, you have 2 to 3 words for your call to action ‘button’, which do you chose? Remember, we’re keeping it festive so it’s time to get creative. Make your headline stand out, be different and entice your audience. Thinking about your target market and special offers you want to promote will also grab attention.

4. Festive Design

There is nothing wrong with a little Christmas decoration; in fact it is a better time than any to get your creative juices flowing and add some aesthetically pleasing frosting to those emails. Festive design and imagery is the perfect accompaniment to your Christmas content. Making this consistent throughout your campaign is also important as it reinforces the festive spirit.

5.Special Services and Events

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a few parties. Run a special Christmas menu, throw a festive event or offer a specialised service during the Christmas period. Making your service Christmas themed will encourage customers to get involved in the festivities and create the idea of that 'something special'. Promoting these throughout your Christmas email campaign is an effective way to boost the business at this time of year.

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