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Celebrate the New Year with fresh new content

Another year means a brand new marketing strategy and refreshing your content strategy is the best place to start….

The marketing world saw a huge amount of innovation in 2016, and one trend that proved hugely successful for businesses was using fresh content to boost online following and website traffic.

Creating a brand new content strategy is key for business growth as it engages your target market and establishes a brand image that people can connect with. It is not only what you say, it is also where you say it, who you say it to and how often you say it; these will all be factored in to a successful content strategy.

An integrated strategy will provide the best results for your business; this means having fresh, organic content published to all online platforms, consistently. Linking your social media to your blogs will support your campaigns and create a more professional, fluid business image.

Content is not just the words on your website, it is your weekly blog and your social media updates as well. Video and infographics are also important in your content strategy and will be a popular tool in 2017.

Unique and quality content will lead to better SEO, moving your business higher up the Google ranks. This will lead to a greater amount of traffic visiting your website on a daily basis and, subsequently, more business from your customers.

The New Year is all about starting a fresh, recycling old content will not prove as successful as creating an entire new strategy, so you should be thinking up new content that speaks to your audience’s situation and makes them want to choose your business over a competitor. This might be interesting news from the industry, inside information about products and services or even current social trends.

Need help? We are just an email or phone call away and are on hand to help you create a fresh new content strategy to boost your business and get you ready for a successful year ahead.

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