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What exactly is Social Selling?

We often come across new Social Media terms and the meaning of them is not always obvious, especially for those that do not work directly in the Marketing industry. The latest term we have been using is ‘Social Selling’.

The clue is in the title, but what exactly is it and how do we achieve it on our own Social Media channels?

Social Selling is:

1.Using Social Media to sell.

2.Selling on Social Media by interacting with your target audience.

3.Becoming a trustworthy brand.

4.Making your target audience remember you.

5.Converting your Social Media efforts into leads.

How do you use Social Media to sell?

Although we should always follow a strategy on Social Media in line with planned campaigns, we should also deploy an ad-hoc approach to post updates frequently. Not every post can be planned out as it depends on current trends, news stories, national days like ‘#NationalTeaDay’(P.S Don’t you love those!) and seasonal topics. Each individual post will not account for a direct sale and it’s important to mention Social Selling is an element of Social Media that takes time and tactics over a gradual period. This is why we cannot emphasise enough the importance of being consistent on Social Media. You will see why in our following steps.

The first step is to interact with your target audience. No one likes being talked at all the time or a brand that’s all ‘me me me’, so use Social Media in the way that it’s supposed to be used- To be Social. Interacting is fun and you learn a lot about your followers and target audience by simply ‘liking’, commenting and generally supporting their input to your social feed. In return, you will find that a lot more people will interact when you post.

By attaining an online fan base you may find that they become Marketing volunteers and share your content. Once this happens, you know that you have succeeded in your Social Media interactions and your followers see you as a trustworthy brand. If they trust you, what is stopping them from buying from you?

Becoming a trustworthy brand is vital in both the online and offline world and is often affiliated with proof and evidence, so encourage your customers to leave you reviews and testimonials on your social channels. Prove that you have a client base who enjoy your products and services and this will help your brand earn recurring loyalty. Did you know 88% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation according to

Social Media has become very saturated with almost every business having an online presence, which makes it even harder for you to stand out. Whilst it’s tempting to promote your brand and tell people what you do, this is best achieved through subtle posts that are not too pushy or salesy. Instead, approach this in a way whereby you are offering your followers something of value. Free tips and advice is always an excellent way to get people to remember you as it is rare for a brand to offer this without wanting anything in return.

So, these are all very good points to consider in your Social Media activity but what hasn’t been mentioned yet is finding your target market. Although you will increase followers naturally through posting regularly, why not use your channels to find prospects? It is now easier than ever to make Sales without having to cold call and send direct mail. Search for relevant hash tags, companies and use local community groups to ‘Follow’ your target market. There is no point in communicating to a blank canvas or an audience that will have no interest in your companies offering.

By following the above steps, you will be sure to generate leads. Speak to GEM MEDIA and find out what posts you could benefit from, or hire us to manage your channels for you. Email

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