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5 tips to strengthen your brand

In today’s competitive market, brand image is everything. A strong brand will stand out amongst the crowd, attract the right audience and build customer loyalty, ultimately leading to greater success. The aim of a ‘brand’ is to project business ethos and demonstrate your understanding and expertise in the market. This is done through the power of delivery; using specific techniques such as aesthetics and creative content that speaks to a wide audience. We have put together our top five tips to help you strengthen your brand;

1. Brand colours; it may sound simple but your choice of colour is integral to attracting the right audience and giving off the right image. Some of the biggest brands are known by their colour, think Coca Cola, or Easy Jet. A colour works to represent multiple aspects of your business ethos; whether you are inclusive or high-end, aiming at business or consumer, a colour plays a huge part in the psychology of the brand and how it is presented to the end user.

2. A strong logo; Your logo will be the seen on everything related to your business and needs to be designed with that in mind. It is how your audience will come to recognise you so a strong logo, which represents what you do is essential. Considering every aspect, from the font through to the angles will help to build a strong brand logo that you can communicate across all platforms.

3. Good photography; Aesthetics are everything when it comes to your brand. So many people scope out a brand online before they make a decision, and having decent images to great them will make a huge difference. Making sure you have quality photos that represent what you do will help your business to look sharp and better communicate what the brand is about. They can also be used on social media to attract a wider audience.

4. Quality Content; Customers want to know that the business they choose knows what its talking about and can provide them with the best service. A regular blog can do this for you. Writing quality blog content allows you to share your company’s values and knowledge and stand-out as the experts in the industry. More content means more activity online which helps send customers in your direction. Sharing your blogs to social media platforms will increase your following and encourage more people to engage with your brand.

5. Get Online; The power of social media should never be underestimated, especially when it comes to promoting your brand image. Being active online gives you the chance to build an online community, which means engaging with more people and attracting a wider audience. Share the love on social media and people will reciprocate, allowing you to enhance your online presence and brand image.

Do you need to build a stronger brand image? Get in touch with Gemmedia and we will help you create a brand that stands out from the crowd.

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