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STOP Flyering!

GEM MEDIA’s experience of marketing a variety of businesses within a wide range of sectors across various different channels means that we know the communications that work, and the ones that don’t. Recently, we have seen a growing interest in Flyering as a first-stop marketing method. Although this has been a staple tactic for years, developments in communications and changing social environments mean that this method has become much less effective, and could waste your business a lot of money.

For one, flyering is extremely expensive, time consuming and doesn’t bring in a valuable return. The cost to design, print and deliver works out the same as one whole month of social media management. Now that the majority of the world is online, people are much more likely to engage with online marketing. You’re also guaranteed to reach a far wider audience online than you would by delivering flyers to a housing estate, for example – as we know, the majority of flyers that get delivered through the door usually go straight in the bin, without as much as a glance over the content. It’s also difficult to determine the quality control of flyers, which could be damaging to business reputation.

We always encourage business owners to utilise all marketing platforms and integrate communication across channels, however, this is only effective with the methods that are proven to work and gain return. Your marketing budget will be much better invested in other marketing channels, such as email or social. Once these prove effective and begin to generate return, then flyering can be considered as a marketing booster as a way to provide direct contact in busy hotspots, rather than merely posting flyers through doors.

There are a range of effective options to consider for business marketing needs, which, when combined with an effective marketing campaign, will hugely benefit your business.

Email us to put an effective strategy together for your business.

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