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3 ways to get the best from your Christmas Campaign

It's the most wonderful time of the year. However, if you're a business owner it can also be the most stressful!

During the festive season, customers are bombarded with advertisements from all types of businesses. So if you are not ready to communicate with your audience and have eye-catching promotions, you will lose out on sales. This time of year is perfect to maximise sales and get the attention your business deserves!

I will talk you through on 3 fundamental ways you can create an effective campaign that really sparkles and outshines your competitors.

First of all, set out what you want to achieve and put your strategy together. Once you know the key message that you want to communicate, follow the below steps.

1. Design

Refresh your branding and make it look all Christmassy! You have to put your business in the mind of your consumers. Consider getting newly designed festive flyers, gift vouchers, point of sale and Social Media artwork.

2. Social Media Strategy

Increase the frequency of posts across your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. Social media is saturated at the best of times, especially during the festive period. Stand out and get heard!

Sprinkle a little sparkle on your social media by updating your profile pic and cover photos.

Plan your content around Christmas and support your posts with blog articles too. By sharing blog posts you are encouraging click throughs to your website, which may result in customers browsing your online shop and making a purchase.

An example of blog post could be sharing your ideal Christmas products and why they make the perfect gift. Focus your product or service on Christmas.

Another great idea (and inspired from John Lewis advertising) is creating your own hashtag. Customers will pick up on this and use it for their own social media posts. Make your customers your biggest influencers and double your reach!

3. Give back

Show your customers you appreciate them. What can your business do to say thank you?

Direct mail is still opened and a lot less common nowadays, so why not send a handwritten Christmas card with a special reward vouchers for them to enjoy in January when it's your quiet period?

Alternatively, an e-card is a great way to spread joy.

If you would like some assistance with your Christmas campaign or need any of the following, get in touch

- Blog articles

- Social Media artwork

- Email Campaigns/ E-cards

- Branded Christmas cards

- Brochures

- Flyers

- Point of Sale

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