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Why your Christmas ad campaigns should start now...

It's all about timing: Too early, and you risk overkill, irritation and alienation, and too late - well, you'll miss the festive boat!

John Lewis is the gold standard by which all other retailers set themselves, but other retailers, such as Marks and Spencer, Sainsbury’s and those alike, have been giving them a run for their money, and competition is fierce, with ads being shot like mini films. You may not have the John Lewis advertising budget but you can cut your wrapping paper to fit your presents. Here are Gem Media's top 3 tips on why your Christmas ad campaigns should start now:

1. Appeal to festive mood and emotion now

Brands whose Christmas campaigns appear to be the most memorable and shareable, agree on the importance of an emotional connection in their ads, and doing this makes it easy for people to relate to the campaign’s content. This, in turn, reinforces the connection that clients have with your brand. Start getting in the festive mood and promote emotive marketing.

2. Add Christmas flavour to your brand

Use Christmas themes and imagery throughout your campaigns. Holiday preparations, festive mood and Christmas itself are things that your clients relate to themselves. Using symbolism in your messages and products, along with Christmas references and hashtags, will help you find a common ground and build a connection with your audience. Also, don’t limit your campaigns to office time only - engaging with your clients during the holidays will help to show your human side.

Personalize your message. Make your holiday communication as personal as possible. Let every customer feel as though you are talking to them directly. Use their names in the subject lines and your emails, interact with individual people with the help of Christmas social media posts, and send them personalised discounts based on their unique preferences. Social media is a colossal force when it comes to reaching out to and engaging with people. Every channel has its own audience, and each has its own expectations from the platform. Facebook users want to engage with the content, while the Twitter crowd is eager to share with others. At the same time, Instagram users are looking for either revealing or inspiring visual content, while being ready to respond to you with their photos.

3. Create a sense of urgency in your Christmas ads

Urgency is one of the top marketing principles. Time-limited offers work well, even with those who already know the trick. Include a countdown banner in your emails, or embed it into your Google AdWords campaign. The sense of urgency makes the offer appear more desirable to clients. You could have a 60 days to Christmas countdown and, even an Advent calendar giving customers the opportunity to win prizes during the 12 days of Christmas.

Experiment with the Christmas taglines ideas. Competition is fierce, so you would want to stand out. Rather than simply using your brand slogan or repeating standard Christmas wishes, you should turn on your creativity. Think about the common themes that preoccupy people during the festive season. These might be giving and sharing, spending time with family, holidaying and (eek!) New Year’s resolutions! Intertwine them with your brand’s key message, so that it comes out as unique, emotional, and catchy.

Let us know if you need a hand with your festive marketing

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