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Why Brand Awareness is more important than Advertising.

Are you someone who designs a fancy advert, posts it on Social Media and expects a sale instantly? If the answer is yes, you are not the only one and we’re sorry to inform you but this is no way to measure the success of your marketing. If the answer is no, PHEW! These things take time and Social Media Selling is a gradual process…

It’s like any form of selling. It takes time.

Did you know that the Sales Process has 7 stages? So why would Sales online be any different?

Posting an advert is not guaranteed to reach the right people. That’s why your Social Media Marketing should consider your audience and you should know who is following your business. Follow new accounts regularly who fit within your target market so that you can find your ideal prospects.

The more you post, the more your new accounts will see content from your brand. Are your posts clearly identifiable that they belong to your business? Add logos, use your corporate colours and introduce a theme. Like you would for a meeting, dress up your Social channels to look the part.

In addition to posting, are you engaging with people who follow you? Take the time to scroll through your newsfeed and like or comment. This shows that your brand is authentic and human. Once you have built this relationship with targeted accounts, it is easier to send a direct message and arrange a call or meeting to discuss services in more detail. Like face to face selling, you have to qualify the prospect and spend time building a relationship.

Once you have mastered Social Selling, your brand becomes known and trusted which encourages people to buy from you. The timespan of posting to sale is three months on social media, so be consistent and you will definitely see results.

Next time you want to advertise, your audience will be there engaged and ready to accept your promotion because they know and understand what your business is about.

Step 1: Build your brand.

Step 2: Advertise.

Step 3: Sell.

If you are struggling with building your brand and generating sales, then email

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