Lush announces they’re going Social Media FREE

Lush is a chain brand of handmade cosmetics that has been in the business since 1995. The company have always stood strong in their beliefs, from ethics, removing palm oil from their products and campaigning about animal testing.

The most recent move by Lush is one that may shock the digital world, as they are removing themselves from social media. Yes, social media, the platforms we all use to keep up to date with one another.

Closing down their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, the announcement has received a range of critical responses online, both positive and negative.

When your brand has established such a reputable identity internationally, Lush has made a ‘movement’ in removing themselves from social media. This has become a talking point for the company, increasing their reach and engagement with the public audience. This may or may not have been the intention by Lush, but it is a smart marketing move, and we wonder how long it will last for.

Customers will only be able to get in contact with the Lush team via live chat on their website or through email and by telephone, or ultimately, in store. The decision came from a Lush spokesperson who said “Social media is making it harder and harder for us to talk to each other directly”, but do you think that this will boost their traffic in store, or make communication harder between the business and their consumers?

We can begin to see the real impact social media has on businesses, and the ability once a brand identity is thoroughly established, whether you can take away the platforms that helped to make it happen. It is important to remember at this time, how important social media is for companies in the digital world.

As shoppers transform to social media checkouts and online shopping, could this be a decision that Lush may regret in the near future? Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be whatever you make them, with control over the content and visuals your company puts out.

From advertising, product placement and marketing strategies, perhaps this is a risk too far.

We can’t wait to see what happens…