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Why it’s time to reinvent your Marketing

We are very soon approaching Quarter 4 of 2019 and before we enter 2020, it is vital your business starts the new year strong with a well-planned innovative Marketing strategy.

As the next three month’s pass, it’s likely you’ll be busy working in your business with little time to work on your business. That’s why Gem Media Marketing Consultancy are offering a 1-2-1 Marketing Strategy session, where you can effectively plan your new year business communications.

Next year, we predict more businesses will invest more budget into digital marketing and targeted marketing. But by doing so, content marketing needs to be at the forefront of business owner’s minds as they need to socially sell services and products more than ever.

We also think that Social Media has had so much emphasis and its credibility is slowly disappearing, so marketing will go back to its basics; Email Marketing & PR.

With targeted marketing a major attribute to 2020 marketing, businesses will no longer need to aimlessly boost ads on social media with no real return. This means that by targeting your segmented audience, users will engage with your brand more because your advert will be of interest.

Combining the 2020 Marketing trends of; Targeted Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing & PR will enable businesses to stop blind marketing and instead have a much more strategic approach and will rely on analytics and stats.

When you book on to the Gem Media 1-2-1 Marketing Strategy session, you’ll receive a detailed 3 month plan of what content to share across your social media and email platforms, and how to target your desired market. Fail to plan then you’ll plan to fail!

Book in now for your 1-2-1:

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