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Why you can't tell if Marketing works straight away...

Are you a business owner that has considered outsourcing your Marketing support? Has your Marketing budget previously put you off? and have you had a bad experience with a Marketing professional in the past? These are all factors which may play a huge part in the success or un-success of your business Marketing.

Quite often, we hear business owners have had a terrible experience with their Marketing and didn't receive a return on their investment. So, here are 5 tips to help you ensure you get results next time you look for Marketing support...

1. Identify what your business needs are

What direction is your business taking right now? What help do you need? For example, does your business need to raise the profile and generate further brand awareness, or does it need to sell more of a particular service/product? By identifying what your business needs to do, you can give clear instructions to your Marketing team and measure correct results.

2. Search for a specialist

The word 'Marketing' is so broad and when considering who to outsource your Marketing to, it's a good idea to find out what that individual or company specialises in. Does that person specialise in SEO, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Email Marketing, Web Design, Paid Advertising, PR or something else? Once you are aware of their advantages you can decide if they are the right person for your business needs.

3. Allow time for market research

When signing up with a new Marketing professional, it can take some time for them to research your marketplace. In order for them to do a good job, they will need to scope out your competition, your clients/customers and market trends. With this knowledge, they can create a project plan for you, with your needs in mind to ensure they deliver.

4. Create a project plan

A project plan should consist of a list of tasks and a completion date, which is visible for both the Marketer and the Business. A partnership can only work with communication and visibility on both parts.

5. Measure results

Once the Marketer has achieved the tasks on the project plan, it is vital to measure results to determine how much impact this has had on the business and if it is worth your investment.

If you are on the look-out for someone who can drive your business to the next level, at a budget your business can afford, then email

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