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Marketing Predictions for 2020

With the new year round the corner, it's time to re-evaluate this years Marketing and measure your results.

To give you an insight on what metrics to look out for, here are just a few:

1. Google Analytics - look at the traffic source to your website and understand what social media channel drives the most traffic to your website.

2. Social Media Insights - this will vary depending what channel you are using, however the insights to look out for are the reach & engagement. Do NOT measure social media success on the number of followers.

3. No of Leads Vs Sales - How many leads has your business generated and how many sales?

With that said, you will have a clearer understanding of how your business performed in 2019 and now you can identify new directions to take your business in 2020. However, before you think about creating a new marketing strategy, we have put together a list of Marketing platforms to incorporate in your activity next year...

- TikTok will continue to rise!

After hitting one billion downloads in 2019, we can expect TikTok to continue to rise in 2020 thanks to aggressive marketing campaigns and investment in geographic expansion. The platform is adding to its offices in London and Silicon Valley, and recruiting talent directly from top technology companies. TikTok is the platform to watch in 2020.

- Influencer sponsored ads will grow

60% of companies are expected to grow their influencer budget in 2020. As consumers are getting wary of ads, they are now seeking reviews from people they trust and their circle of trust has now grown to people they follow on social media. Many Small - medium businesses do not have the budget for influencers like celebrities, so we will see a rise in the macro-influencer.

- Social Commerce will continue to evolve

55% of online shoppers come from social media channels and it is these platforms that help shoppers make a decision. Some of the more established social channels like Instagram and Snapchat are continuing to build momentum and enhance the e-commerce functionality with a full end-to-end in app experience.

- Storytelling is here to stay thanks to story makers

Real time posts and selfies have proven much more successful in terms of content on social media and more brands will become more personal in 2020, with content creation at the core of their social media efforts.

- Conversational Marketing is a key innovator

Conservational Marketing is a stand-out strategy and provides the customer with value through chat bots and social monitoring/listening to foster real relationships and genuine understanding. We will see a lot more of this in 2020.

Is there anything we have missed that you think we will see more of in 2020 Marketing?

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