Covid-19: Restaurant Marketing Tips

The latest government announcement to avoid restaurants and bars, has left restaurant owners uncertain of how their business will shift during this pandemic. Whilst no-one has the answers, I wanted to offer some Marketing guidance for my clients and other small businesses who can maximise their income potential during this difficult and unpredictable time.

Here are 5 things you can act on immediately...

1. Communicate Regularly

Search interest in the 'Coronavirus' online has increased by 260% globally and customers everywhere want to stay up to date, including with their local businesses.This is ultimately a time when you need to build trust and maintain customer relationships.

Post an update to your Social channels on how your business will be shifting to adapt with their needs. If your business will remain open, or you will be changing your opening hours, or if you will be take-away services only, let your customers know via social media.

If there has been large bookings or parties affected, will you be offering refunds or rescheduling policies? Include this in your statement via social media.

Do not forget to update your Google My Business page with your updated business hours and description and also update your website with a Covid-19 advisory.

2. Adjust your Strategy !!!

This goes without saying. Your strategy for maximising Mother's Day bookings is most likely to be affected, so amend your posts to sell gift vouchers for Mother's Day, so they can use them when the pandemic is over.

Although a lot of changes can be stressful, as marketeers and business owners, we can only look forward and calm the nerves of our customers by having clear, concise messages.

If your ad spend has been predominantly on generating footfall to your restaurant, it would be a good idea to re-think this option and divert budgets to ads selling take-aways instead.

If your business is staying open, be obsessive about your hygiene and use social media stories to show implementations of this. For example, show behind the scenes on hand sanitisers and staff disinfecting surfaces. Reassure your customers and your employees and be proactive as possible about cleaning.

3. Maximise Take-aways during Self-Isolation and Quarantine

If your Restaurant has not yet done so, produce and design a take-away menu. Upload a downloadable PDF to your website and pin to the top of your Social channels.

Email & text your database with your latest take-away menu and discount.