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How to prepare your Marketing ready for your re-launch…

The business world is getting prepared to re-open and it’s likely that your time is being consumed into the operational side of your business giving you less time to communicate updates, changes, improvements, new services and/or offers.

To better serve your customers and attract new ones, your business needs to be marketing. To ensure that your communications are being taken care of, and saving you time, we have put some suggestions together to help you maximise your sales in your reopening and create a buzz around your re-launch!

1. Plan your Covid-19 announcements

It is likely that your business is undergoing lots of changes and you have new policies in place. To inform your customers on these changes and the procedures that you have implemented for health & safety, it is a good idea to create a multi-channel campaign where you can advise new and existing customers on new rules that they need to adhere to or be aware of when purchasing from your business. Your Multi-channel campaign should include; mail outs to your email database, posts via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, Posters and POS within your premises, Covid-19 page on your website or pop-up on your website homepage. (SMS Marketing could also be considered if necessary).

2. Prepare your next big Sale

And we use the term ‘Sale’ wisely… This does not necessarily mean to discount, but to have a BIG push for particular products or service(s). It is likely that your business will have a lot of trade in the first month of reopening, especially if it has been closed throughout Coronavirus, and you’ll be busy adhering to new safety rules and delivering customer service & expectations that future Marketing has not yet been considered. We always recommend a 3-month Marketing strategy, so you are seen as a leader within your industry and forward-thinking for optimum success. Therefore, planning an upcoming Sale for August/September time is a good idea as once you have served the post Covid-19 rush, you have plans and preparations in place to further maximise sales and generate as much revenue as possible, maintaining repeat customers and attracting new ones via online promotions. Design the artwork and schedule in your Social Media posts ready for this launch. (Paid ads would also be a good idea to reach people beyond your network and the people who have already liked your business page).

3. Pay special attention to customer generated content

It’s been a long time in lockdown! With businesses reopening, it is likely that your customers are going to share content via their social media platforms. Set some time aside to share this content and encourage others to as well. Having content on your Facebook & Instagram stories is essential to social media success and engagement. The way in which customers engage with brands has changed with more people watching, instead of reading, so to attract different people on different platforms, businesses need to use a variety of content methods to really stand out.

4. Treat this time as a celebration

When thinking about your overall Marketing Messages during this time, remember that the reopening of your business is a celebration and your customers are so excited! Remember to use design that implies this is a celebration! If there is anything, we can do to support your business right now, please do get in touch.

Here are some services we can offer that may benefit you:

- Social Media branded designs

- Social Media posts & stories

- Paid Ads

- Email Templates

- Website updates

Good luck with your reopening and we wish you all the success!

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