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3 types of strategy you should be using and why

Thinking of new content ideas and strategies can be daunting and tedious at times, so these 3 types of strategy encourage you to consider the formation of ideas and optimiseyour social media content.

The 3 types of strategy are:

● Short term strategy

● Long term strategy

● Evergreen strategy

1. Short term strategy

Short term strategies are usually within a time frame of a week or month. A great example of

short term strategy includes seasonal campaigns such as Easter & Christmas. The key

aspect of short term strategy is adaptability meaning your social media strategy can easily

adapt according to to the top trending themes, content or popular industry news. A benefit of

short term strategy is that it is really effective for finding out what type of content your

particular audience and following enjoys engaging with!

Tip: To find this out, analyse your social media insights such as likes, comments,

engagements and new followers.

2. Long term strategy

Long term strategy includes your quarterly or annual performance. This type of strategy is all

about review, review and review! For example, reviewing all your previous short term

strategies by looking at quarter 1 and analysing what needs to change and be adapted for

quarter 2. However, if it is on an annual basis, you would review the year as a whole. You

could do this by reviewing your income and revenue, the overall performance of your social

media and then reflecting and decided the next steps and investments your business needs

to make to improve its performance and maximise its full potential.

Tip: PR, photography, videography, influencer collaborations and presenters are all

examples of investing in your business.

To put it in short, reviewing your long term strategy will help determine your short term


3. Evergreen strategy

You may be wondering what evergreen means? Evergreen symbolises timeless. In terms of

marketing, it means that your content does not expire and remains timeless. For example,

your brand ethos, case studies, the benefits of your business, the services your business

provides, the features of your business and more!

Tip: This strategy is for continuous use so ensure it has a strong foundation.

Keeping these 3 types of strategies in mind should enable a smooth and simplistic social

media content planning process for your business!

If you are in need of any help get in touch with us at to see how we can help your business grow with our Social Media Management.

If you found this blog post useful please leave a comment expressing your thoughts! It would be

great to start a discussion on this topic. Thanks for reading!


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