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How to increase your online sales for Valentines 2021

As Valentines is approaching, here are some marketing tips for you online retailers on how

to increase your online sales during this loving season!

Plan the timing of your marketing strategies and Valentines campaigns

According to Martech Zone, February 7th and 11th are the peak sales days for Valentines. Many still buy their gifts last minute so maximise the outreach of your campaign until the 14th.

Be mindful that this day is not just for the couples

For many, this day of love is not just for their other half but for their family, friends and even

pets! Keeping product selection wide and not tailored for couples only is a good way of

ensuring your online business has products suited for everyone this Valentines.


Promote a giveaway on your social media to increase engagement, followers and brand

awareness for your business this Valentines. Include instructions to save, comment and

share your post in order to enter the giveaway will increase engagement and brand

awareness too. Using influencers to promote the giveaway is a plus and will generate even

more exposure.

Come up with gift ideas for your consumers

Not everyone is as imaginative and thoughtful as they need to be, so push them in the right

direction (your direction) with gift ideas that of course, you provide! Promoting this on your

social media and including links to the products provides the consumer with easy access to

your website, products and of course, increases brand awareness and engagement! It’s a



Sale promotion is key to help you stand out from the competitors during Valentine season.

Conduct market research and competitor analysis to help decide on your sale promotion

tactic and to encourage future consumers to buy your product. Free shipping is a bonus.

Provide what the consumers want.

The top shopping categories for Valentines Day are jewellery, flowers, gift cards, greeting

cards, sweets and date nights. If this is your businesses service then great! If not, perhaps

think of adding a Valentines Day feature or product as part of a seasonal short term strategy

to use this day to your advantage.

Book a strategy session for more guidance and tips or simply contact us at for more help.

Comment below with what you are selling this Valentines with a link to your website and we will give you a shout out on social media.


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