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How UGC is driving purchasing decisions (user-generated content)

UGC, otherwise known as user-generated content, is a great marketing strategy to use to

stir away from traditional tactics. Any content that is created and shared by a user on a

social media platform is UGC.

UGC has been shown to generate an impressive 39% uplift in sales so here is a quick look at exactly how UGC is driving purchasing decisions...

Establishes trust and reliability

An infographic by Crowdtap and Ipsos reveals that millennials trust UGC 50% more than

other media. This type of content is authentic, trustworthy and reliable as it is made from an

unbiased consumer who other potential consumers can relate to. Building trust is key and

will increase brand loyalty and repeat purchasing.

Breaks up inauthentic marketing

UGC breaks up the social media feed from edited and perfected posts and selfies and brings

an aspect of authenticity that social media is missing. It should easily grab the consumers

attention and influence their purchase decision.

Builds brand advocacy

Brand advocacy is any behaviour that involves a customer supporting the brand that they

love! This can be done through creating unique content, personal recommendations or even

providing customer support by answering questions and comments. Essentially, they are a

brand representative that enhances the brand image and encourages evergreen positive

word-of-mouth marketing, engagement and sales.

Drives user interaction and engagement

UGC takes user engagement to a whole new level! Through two way communication

including contributing to campaigns, answering user questions, responding to comments,

creating an online community and more, UGC is a fantastic way to boost engagement!

If you need more guidance on UGC, feel free to book a strategy session for more tips or simply

contact us at

Thanks for reading! Comment your opinions on UGC below.


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