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What’s new at Gem Media Talent Agency?

The Rebrand

You may have seen we’ve rebranded from Gem Media Marketing to Gem Media Talent Agency and there is a big meaning behind this… Over the past 7 years, we have transitioned from supporting small local business to becoming an online marketing mentor for businesses around the world, and a social media manager who supplies content and positive influence through user generated content.

Therefore, it made complete sense to highlight the talent we have accrued over the years and the impact it can make to your social media. It is far more effective to serve businesses with social media management, when we have content and engagement to reach a wider market. That’s why we have introduced our affordable and sustainable Creative Director packages. Check them out here:

You can hire us to source your influencers, arrange your branded shoot, generate content and map out your next quarterly social media goals.

With our new packages in mind, we are now welcoming content creators, influencers and bloggers of all levels to join our agency, as we embark on a new journey and attract more clients. It is thanks to our network we can fulfil our client briefs, and generate more paid opportunities for influencers.

If you create content and you desire more paid brand collabs, please email to sign up.

Marketing Mentoring

Our mentoring programs have been absolutely phenomenal from the moment they launched, and they are the perfect solution to take our clients on a guided coaching program.

Our signature program is the 12 week Scale Your Social, which teaches you everything you need to know from Systems, Strategy and Scalability. Once you learn my 6 step formula, you’ll see how effective social media can be when it comes to lead generation.

Our other most requested program is the 4 week Ads Adventure program, which teaches you everything you need to know about Facebook & Instagram Paid Ads, from the; strategy, funnel approach, implementation and media formatting, all of which are essential in getting a passive income whilst you focus on your organic posting.


As always we are here to support your business where possible, and that’s why we will continue to host our FREE training sessions.

Keep an eye on our Instagram @gemmedia_talentagency to see announcements of our upcoming workshops and live IGTV’s.

If you have read something today that has sparked some interest, we would love to hear from you. Contact


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