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Social Media






The growth in Social Media has created more opportunities for businesses and is a channel not to be missed.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Snapchat and Google + have witnessed more brands harnessing the power of social media to create awareness and generate interest.


However before you start your communications plan you need to identify the most suitable channels for your business.


Are you a B2C company looking for your target market to like your new product or are you a B2B company looking to generate leads? 


Our experienced communications team have the solution to your requirements. We enjoy the challenge of building a following at a low price!


We create captivating content and integrate a mix of text, visual and audio campaigns to engage with every broadcast.


Our Social Media management is monitored regulary to ensure regular posts are broadcasted.


What we do:


  • Plan a communications strategy.

  • Create branded channels.

  • Design graphics.

  • Create engaging content.

  • Plan offline strategy to encourage online users.

  • Professional photography.

  • Broadcast links to website pages.

  • Analytical reports on reach and engagement.


"We contacted GM Marketing to help us with our Facebook and Twitter. We were pleasantly surprised with the proposal they put together for us. It was full of knowledge and very useful to follow."

(Start up business coming soon)

 Call us 07714 473188

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