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Thank you for visiting me here. You're here because you are either wearing too many hats in your business and have no time to map out your strategy OR you don't really know how to implement a strategy and looking for some extra support...

Either way, I can help. If you're new here, firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Gemma Samuel and I am the founder of Gem Media Talent Agency. (I also own x2 beauty salons and host several events throughout the year, but we can talk about that another day!) We support brands with creative content and influence on their social media. I have over 13 years experience in Marketing, across a variety of industry sectors and I've helped launch businesses in the UK, Europe, American and Australian Markets. All of my work for clients and my own business begins with... a strategy.

Why do you need a strategy?

As we enter 2023, the new world begins and we face a shift in our business. Without reflecting on past marketing activity and measuring performance, you'll find it difficult to know what content to publish and what marketing is effective for your business.

How will a strategy benefit your business?

By having a strategy, you will have a plan to follow, which will help you focus on other areas of your business knowing that you know what your goals are and how you are going to achieve them.

What is this strategy session?

This 1 to 1 strategy session will outline:

  • your desired financial goals

  • social media strategy

  • content pillars

You will have a clear report on what content your business needs and the social media activity you need to implement to get the results you are looking for. 

This session is £99 for a 1 hour session, via zoom and can be booked and paid for on the link below. You will then receive an email with the zoom link and all you need to bring is yourself. 

Book your session below.

(These sessions have limited availability)

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