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The industry is going crazy and you are trying to keep up with trends, whilst improving your client experience and be as competitive with your pricing as possible... 

You are making money, but not as much money as you want to make.

You want to scale. This might be through more treatments or you want to launch or improve an academy.

I’ve been in Marketing for over 10 years and I’ve been running a beauty salon for nearly 4 years. I can see how an aesthetics business is run and i want to step on in with my marketing advice to take you from a space of overwhelm to a state of overflow. 💉

💴 💰 I know I’ve got your undivided attention now 😝

The lips ain’t the only thing about to get bigger 😅 

When I started my beauty business, I had zero support, coaching or mentoring and I’ve tried, tested, failed and succeeded first hand. I opened a salon with zero client base or zero beauty qualifications! 

Through my experience, my knowledge and my skills I want to support you in having a scalable system and marketing yourself for maximum success. 

My 2 day masterclass is FREE to attend and will get you new clients and booked up. 

If you desire these 3 things, then this masterclass is for you.
💋 A whole host of treatments that can be upsold to the client with ease.
💋 A Marketing strategy that will attract new clients and position you as a market leader.
💋 A system that enables your business to work more efficiently without you having to reply to a busy inbox. 

                                         Join me live 🎥 🍿 
                                     3rd & 4th Oct @ 8pm
ecordings will be available



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