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Instagram Marketing Workshop


Benefit your business and use the increasingly popular platform of Instagram to communicate with your audience. Instagram is a fantastic tool when used effectively.

During this two-hour masterclass with social media consultant Gemma Samuel, you’ll learn how to create compelling content – and how you can use Instagram to upload content, increase your following and generate new business.

Whether you work in marketing or PR, or want to grow your own business, you’ll receive a step by step tutorial on how to use Instagram and build an online community.

Workshop Content:
1. The key to good Instagram Photography
2. How to upload a post to stand out
3. What hashtags to use
4. How to use Instagram Stories
5. Tips to engage with new followers
6. How to incorporate Instagram to your Marketing strategy
7. How to measure results and success through Instagram

Followed by a Q&A and group discussion.

This Workshop is perfect for you if you have a business or personal brand that you'd like to grow on Instagram, if you work in Marketing or PR and want to use Instagram as part of your job or you have a general interest in Instagram Marketing!

Before attending the workshop, we would advise you to have your own Instagram account to log into on your smartphone or tablet at the workshop.

About Gemma Samuel
Gemma is the founder of Gem Media Marketing Consultancy. She manages over 50 Instagram accounts daily with businesses in different industry sectors and has trialled and tested what works on Instagram. Gemma has a strong media presence on social media and wants to educate other business owners on the power of Instagram and how effective it is to win new business through this platform.

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