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The Approach


It's fantastic news that you are thinking about working with Gem Media!

Here's how I work:


Step 1: Consultation - Where do you want to be?

First, I get to know you and your business. I understand what position your business is currently in, who your ideal customer is and what Marketing you are carrying out (if any).

I briefly outline the services you need and how I intend to reach your desired market, along with the costs involved and timeframe.

Step 2: Service Level Agreement - I'm so happy you want to go ahead!

Then, I send you a formal agreement with the services listed, along with Terms and Conditions. At this stage, you are required to sign this document and return to before we can proceed.

Step 3: Payment & Access

In order to commence any project, Gem Media MK Ltd require 50% of payment upfront. Once this has been arranged, all usernames and passwords to any relevant Marketing platform will need to be sent to

Step 4: Marketing Services

The fun part! This is where the hard work begins and you can focus on other areas of your business. It's a great feeling knowing your Marketing is in safe hands...

If for any reason you need to add or change anything to the strategy, please email Should you wish to discuss this on the phone, please request to book an appointment. 

Step 5: Monthly Catch-up


Time flies when you're having fun! A month has passed and we need to review the work so far... 

I'll do some number crunching and you'll receive a monthly analytical report. We can meet-up (location dependant or it can be a virtual meeting) and discuss the plan of action for next month! 

*** Timeframes are dependent on service.

***All remaining payments are invoiced 4 weeks after initial upfront payment.

***WhatsApp Support is available.




How quick can you design my website?


I can design your website in:


This is what you can expect when choosing GEM MEDIA for your website design:

Week 1: Outline Brief

Confirm what your website purpose is. For example, do you want to inform your customers what you do? Do you want to sell products? Or do you want to generate leads?

We will also discuss your branding and how you want your website to appear visually.

Week 2: Development, Phase 1

Your website build will begin. I will set up all pages and the customer journey. I will start to configure your corporate colours and request relevant content and images. 

(Please note, I can provide website copy for an additional fee).

Week 3: Development, Phase 2

All content and images will be added to your website build. You will receive a preview link and discuss any changes before the website goes live.

Week 4: Final Amendments & Go Live

The website will be mobile optimised and set up for Google search. It will be connected to the hosting and domain and you will be notified when your website is live!



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