Spring clean your marketing in 5 easy steps!


1. Clean your database.

If you are still blasting out emails to an old or paid for email database then now is the time to cleanse. You are not only wasting your marketing resources and budget, but you are affecting your brand.

Spam monitors are ruling out unwanted mail and if you are emailing an unmanaged list, it is likely you are coming under the threshold for spam, which could result in your ISP being blocked for email marketing.

Many email providers allow you to see statistics on emails that have been sent such as click through rate, unsubscribes, bounced data which all help you monitor if your database is effective.

2. Remove Fake followers on Twitter and Instagram.

The chances are you have fake followers on Twitter and Instagram, which are putting you at risk for having your account deleted for spam. Plus this is giving you false insights on your engagement and posts that have reached your audience, because fake followers cannot buy your product or service!

Tools such as Fakers will tell you how many fake accounts are following you: https://fakers.statuspeople.com/

You can also run a Twitter Audit: https://www.twitteraudit.com

Remove the fake followers on your Instagram with IGExorcist: http://www.igexorcist.com/

3. Polish your brand assets on all channels.

Maintaining a crisp, clean and professional brand is vital for your reputation. Check that your logo is visible and consistent on your website, social media, letterheads etc. Have you resized your cover images to match the dimensions of Twitter and Facebooks new guidelines?

If there are multiple people using branded documents within your organization now is the time to introduce some brand guidelines to keep things consistent. Send out an update letting employees know it’s there and how to use it.

Now is the time for maintenance on every sales and marketing touch point!

4. Update your website.