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Marketing Trends for 2021 ✨✨✨

You'll want to stay up to date with the digital world this year, trust me! So I've put together these top ten Digital Marketing trends especially for you... (and in no particular order).

1. Social Media will become a top channel for purchase and not just discoverability. The seamless integration from the post to purchase encourages conversions. So be sure to link your Facebook & Instagram, to your E-commerce website.

2. Virtual Events are here to stay because of accessibility.

3. Culling platforms because it's better to master one rather than be a jack of all. What is your most successful platform? and where do your target customers hang out?

4. Incorporate a strategy that includes both short-term and long-term. For example, programmes or courses that are part of your main campaign should not dismiss other shorter term 'disruptive' campaigns.

5. Inclusivity content covering all race, gender, sexualities, physical disabilities etc. It's 2021, the year of equality.

6. Just like the inclusivity trend, sustainability is also a big factor to consider within your marketing. People in 2021 are passionate about environmentalism, particularly younger consumers.

7. Create interactive content like polls and open questions so that it increases the length of time users engage with you and helps your appearance in algorithm feeds.

8. Micro-influencers because its a fraction of the cost and has the same effectiveness if you attract a few of them.

9. Use Instagram Reels for organic visibility and encourage your viewers to stop the scroll.

10. Displaying Facebook ads that are driven from user generated content so it's less 'sales-y' and more authentic.

If you found these useful please reply to this email letting me know your thoughts. Plus it would be great to hear from you!

It's not too late to book an hour with me going through your Marketing plans for 2021 either. The strategy session is £60 and we go through your aims, objectives, current marketing plan, results, new marketing plan and outcome. I'll even include a free social media strategy guide for you to follow.


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