What's new in media?

The world of media and online platforms never stops to surprise us. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram keep thinking of new features that can take their platforms to the next level for both business and content creators. There are 5 features that will revolutionise once more the online world.

Schedule Stories on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook is launching several updates focused for business which include the ability to schedule stories on both Facebook and Instagram. This new feature is coming to Facebook Business suite that already allows users to create and schedule regular posts but now is going to extend the same functionality to stories.

Stories can be schedule in the Business Suite mobile app in the “Posts & Stories” tab.

From there follow these steps:

- Select where you want to create or schedule the post for you Facebook Feed, Instagram Feed, or both.

- Click in “Upload Media” and add a photo or video to your stories.

- Customize your story by adding text or stickers.

- Click “Publish Story” to publish immediately or click the blue arrow to select “Schedule Story” to publish it later.

Facebook Business Suite New Features

Other features that Facebook Business will allow is to Edit Scheduled Posts before they go live, Create and Manage Albums, and Save Posts in Drafts.

Edit Scheduled Posts

The new feature available now in Facebook Business allows you to schedule posts to be edited before they go live.

To use this new feature, you need to head to the “Scheduled Posts” section of the “Posts & Stories” tab on your mobile or desktop, select the post to edit and choose “Edit Post”.

Create and Manage Albums

A feature will be available in the next coming weeks that will allow businesses to create, publish and manage Facebook photos and albums.