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Promote your Food Business with Gem Media and advertise in MK Select while you're there!

Did you see the recent 'Top 10 Marketing tips' editorial in MK Select magazine from owner of Gem Media, Gemma Burnikell?

This article was published in the hope that it would help restaurants, pop-ups and catering businesses within Milton Keynes. With many more food related businesses opening, there is much more demand for business owners to stand out above the rest. In this article, Gemma explains the top 10 things to do to get heard in todays competitive marketplace.

Point #1 is to Develop your brand.

Tell your story and communicate your brand values. Whilst, Gem Media can help you with your branding, photography, marketing and communications through digital platforms, sometimes there is a need to communicate with the more traditional audiences through print based media like MK Select Magazine.

MK Select Magazine is a twice yearly quality publication offering advertising space, reviews, Chef reviews and social media posts. The magazine is distributed to 10,000 residents and businesses throughout Milton Keynes. There is no other magazine like it and with Gem Media looking to explore other avenues of Media, MK Select has appointed Gemma as the Sales Manager for this magazine.

With a keen interest in business, food (and eating), and experience in providing PR, Social Media Management and Pop-up events for award winning Chef Eat With Spencer, Gem Media MK Ltd has the knowledge and capability to help MK Select and its clients grow.

If you run a food business and would like to advertise in Octobers edition of MK Select, please email

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