The Vegan-Friendly City Elephant

Milton Keynes was overdue a city cafe, so when I heard about the new elephant in town, I had to pay a visit. It’s not any elephant, it’s The Green Elephant who pride themselves on organic, natural and ethical ingredients- including options for vegans.

So in true Gem Media style, as soon as lockdown 2 ended, there I was supporting this local independent business.

Marketing Milton Keynes

I was surprised on the location of this cafe, because if you know Milton Keynes, you’ll know that the way this city is laid out has all restaurants are together, all shopping is together and all offices together. Whereas The Elephant Cafe is situated in the same building as the community foundation offices and not what I expected at all. I think this will work well for them, with the trade from surrounding offices.

Having already looked at the menu, I knew exactly what I was visiting for! Anything else was IRRELEPHANT (sorry hahah).

I loved the size of this cafe, it was small and intimate, with enough space between other customers.

My Americano with oat milk was lovely while I waited for my Vegan breakfast.

I was eyeing up the interior, which is very modern with a variety of different style seating areas. We sat on the wooden stalls, however if the comfortable armchairs at the back wasn‘t taken, I’d definitely have sat here for the photo opportunity. They have a giant elephant mural painted on the wall and it's just fantastic,

This pic is from The Green Elephant’s Insta...