5 Ways to create content this Autumn...

It’s the cosy season where we enjoy pumpkin spiced lattes and watching the leaves change colour. Like any new season, it requires new marketing strategies and in this blog post, we go through 5 ways to create content this Autumn.

Peoples buying behaviour and personalities change in different seasons and Autumn gives you the opportunity to better understand your customers buying behaviour.

Here’s how to create some amazing seasonal content this season…

1. Map out your Marketing objectives.

Autumn is the season of change and now is a good time to map out your marketing objectives for the next quarter.

- How was your Marketing performing last season?

- What’s the latest trends?

- What do you need to achieve this season?

Plan content that will give your brand a strong message and think about why you are doing it. Implement a strategic plan that will support your objectives.

Download our FREE Marketing Strategy guide for further help on this.

2. Be creative with your Graphics.

Autumn is a beautiful excuse to get creative with our graphics and take full advantage of the different coloured leaves, hot drinks, candles, blankets and more. Switch up your graphics and adverts to include anything fall-related.

Take a look at Kelloggs and Absolute Vodka example:

3. Get busy on Social Media.

Like anytime of year, it's important that you do not lose momentum on social med