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5 reasons why #Marketing is a scary word...

There is no easier way to scare the room than the use of the word 'Marketing'. With Halloween around the corner, we wanted to let you in on our secrets, and tell you why people are scared of Marketing.

1. Frightful Funds

Business owners fear that Marketing is an exercise to draw them in and part with precious funds. There are unlimited ways to make potential sales and getting them can be costly, which is why we find that most businesses are ignoring marketing and wondering why they are gaining less opportunities. A tight budget is important in Marketing alongside a compelling strategy, that is likely to guide your business in the right direction. Hiring a Marketing consultant to oversee your current marketing activity and performance will eliminate forking out on expensive marketing, and you can begin to understand what channels will work best for your product and generate the most leads.

2. Grisly Growth

Whilst marketings objective is business growth, business owners question marketing's ability to keep up the momentum. With email campaigns, PR, Social Media, Print, Website content, Blogging, Video, Radio, Events and more, Marketing is becoming much more demanding for businesses and maintaining every channel is very time consuming, another reason why owners are scared to begin the neverending mist of marketing. We understand that every channel has to be updated regularly and by not doing so, it could damage the brands reputation, so with that in mind our marketing professionals use tools to ensure each posts are scheduled, shared on all channels and current in terms of market trends. Business growth doesn't have to be scary, it just needs to be scheduled!

3. Revolting Results

Some business owners who have tried working with marketeers have suggested results may not have been what was anticipated and we're afraid to say, Marketing is like any other business, there are some that can do it and there are some that can't. The strengths of each marketeer varies and that's why we have specialists for each channel, to ensure they are all being utilized as effectively as possible and deliver results. On a monthly basis we provide all of our clients with a full statistical report, to explain the results delivered by all marketing activity and ways to improve moving forward.

4. Creepy Content

As quick as it is to gain attention through marketing efforts, it is equally quick to lose position in the marketplace. Marketings intangible nature can make business owners feel uncomfortable from the regular bursts of communication required to get heard amongst competition. When using GEM MEDIA Marketing consultancy, part of the Marketing strategy will outline the content that will be published and will be delivered well in advance to ensure the business is serving all marketing communications.

5. Corpse Control

Finally, we have noticed that business owners fear marketeers managing their outbound communications, as they feel they have a better understanding of the brands personality. Whilst we understand the brand belongs to the owner, we feel our experience and professionalism enhances the brand image and creates an interesting and engaging story to your target audience. We have excellent relationships with our clients and provide a partnership, whereby the client feels comfortable with the plans to market their business.

Don't be afraid of marketing. Hire GEM MEDIA's marketing wizards and you will see spine chilling results, business growth and a bigger budget! Email us today

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