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10 ways to get more likes on your Facebook page...

It's not hard to notice that Facebook is changing. It has changed the way it ranks content in it's newsfeed, with the attempt to scale back the "junk feed" and constant scrolling. Which is why you'll see posts which have received a lot of comments more so than posts from brands with fewer likes and comments.

Facebook think by prioritising what you see in your news feed with family and friends posts and Facebook groups that you are part of, you can use the site in a more meaningful way. Although there are predictions that users will now spend less time on this channel.

With algorithms guessing what you may find more useful, it makes it very difficult for brand posts to get noticed now. Brands with funny meme's, videos, sell clothes and deliver articles are not as clever as they think as their content will be scaled back and harder to reach their desired market.

So, as a business, what does this mean for you?

Well, you can certainly plummet a huge ad spend and pay for your posts to reach more people, or you could follow our 5 steps without spending any money!

1. Engage with other pages in your niche and make sure you are posting as a page and not a profile.

2. Promote your page on other Social Media channels like Twitter & Linkedin and point your audience to your Facebook page.

3. Run an exclusive discount for your Facebook fans only and encourage more likes.

4. Get personal from time to time and show your viewers that there is a real person behind your company.

5. Offer posts that create true value. Fill a gap and meet the needs of your fans.

6. Incorporate video and receive much higher engagement levels.

7. Arrange a partnership with another business who has a Facebook page and cross promote each other.

8. Send an email to your database and ask them to kindly connect with your business on Facebook,

9. Post regularly and show your fans that you are serious about building your community.

10. Ask clients, customers and fans to share photos on your page so that your page will come up in their friends newsfeeds.

Likes are certainly an important metric however it will be difficult to get them without true engagement. Focus on providing regular content and your likes should increase organically.

Let us know if you need help with Facebook Marketing.

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