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What can brands learn from politicians on social media?

As the elections are approaching, politicians are looking to influence the public into voting for them and they are turning to social media to achieve this. So what can brands learn from politicians and their PR presence on social media?

Firstly, the fact politicians have their own Facebook pages and Twitter handles suggests social media is a channel that cannot be ignored. It is now a vital communications tool making it possible to reach out to our audience.

Whilst we are now in tune with our audience more than ever before, we must not assume we will win their vote. There will be people who are not always on your side and may use social media to post negative comments towards your brand, but we must embrace this and not be afraid of negative communication. If politicians do not fear the public and their opinions, then neither should you.

It can be difficult for politicians to join in the conversation without damaging brand reputation, however engaging with people broadcasting their opinions relevant to the election, encourages them to give you feedback. Although there is the risk of negative communication, it also invites people to leave positive feedback. Used wisely and social media can become an excellent reputation management tool.

Once a person has formed a positive opinion towards your brand, other people are likely to form their opinions based on those they have just read, although ‘likes’ do not always convert into victory. For example the 320,000 people who liked The Scottish Referendum on Facebook did not win the ‘yes’ vote, as opposed to the 218,000 people who said no.

So, as put social media is not a sales tool but a tool that enables us to inform, educate and promote our brand.

No public relations campaign can be fully effective without social media and it’s about time all brands embraced it and the real time opportunities that come with it.

What do you think? Should you welcome good and bad reviews on your Facebook or Twitter?


  • Social media is a vital tool for your business

  • Do not be afraid of negative communication

  • Improve reputation management through encouraging positive or negative opinions

  • Likes do not always convert into victory

  • Social media is to inform, educate and promote

  • Brands need to embrace real time opportunities.

If you don’t know where to start with your social media or need to improve your current following then get in touch and we would be happy to help.

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