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Why every brand should have a Summer Campaign

You have your employees, your products, your purchase mechanisms and now all you need is more customers. All companies want more customers right?

But finding them is one of the hardest tasks for a business owner, so how do you go about attracting new custom and selling more products?

Gem media marketing consultants believe that companies should consider investing in marketing and plan upcoming promotions in accordance with different seasons.

Because the weather is changing, people are climatizing towards the British Summer and now is the time for brands to relate to the thoughts of the consumer.

With most Brits thinking about their summer holidays and becoming excited for some well awaited sunshine, retail brands can use this opportunity to promote summer clothing and refreshing food and beverages for example. It is also a good opportunity for other brands who have a connection with summer, such as air conditioning companies, ice cream brands, outdoor activities, convertible cars and so on...

Any topic relevant to summer can be communicated to your audience through popular marketing channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your website, leaflets, posters in store and email. The chance of your target market thinking about summer and your product is high and therefore you are more likely to a) gain their attention to what it is you're selling and b) be the first point of call when they do think about buying your advertised product.

At Gem media we strongly advise all our clients to think about the product, price, place and promotion and with summer approaching it is definitely the right time to plan a summer campaign.

To start planning your strategy get in touch today and see what we can do for you.

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