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10 reasons to attend GEMMEDIA Networking Events

This Friday I am hosting a networking event at my clients cafe in Newport Pagnell. Since Sebastians coffee shop opened in January, they have realised that a lot of NP high street is independent businesses and part of GEMMEDIA's marketing strategy is to network with their neighbours to gain referral business.

So far, the event has had good response and we are donating all ticket sales to Ride High Charity MK.

The event is £5 per person, >> Get your tickets here <<

For all enquiries please email

Here are 10 reasons why you should be attending:

1. Unlike other networking events, this one starts at 6pm so you do not have to miss any day to day duties and you can unwind with a coffee before your weekend starts!

2. In this technology era we know businesses by their Twitter names and not their face. Meeting business owners face to face has a higher chance of them remembering you.

3. Forging connection with local businesses is a great way for your business to get heard and multiply your reach.

4. The more time you invest in networking, you will understand what works for your business and what doesn't especially though talking about it with people outside your everday life.

5. When you focus on a person instead of a title, your knowledge and confidence will grow.

6. You could come away with a brilliant new contact that could benefit your business in the future.

7. Hear what other business owners are saying about Newport Pagnell and learn about current ideas and trends.

8. Networking is fun, exciting and a rewarding way of developing your business.

9. You can meet with me from GEMMEDIA to see how we could help grow your business through our marketing services.

10. You can finally try out Sebastians coffee shop!!

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