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FREE Marketing Ideas for GYMS in January

It’s that time of year, when most of us are back at work, feeling a bit heavier than usual from the festive indulgence! And most of us are starting the New Year with resolutions and a positive and motivated mind set. The two key necessities required to kick start us into gym mode!

Gyms across the UK can expect to be busier with beginners raring to get in to shape and burn the festive fat! With that being said, it is the perfect opportunity for gym’s to be shouting out about their facilities, and doing more to market themselves throughout the year for the short-lived January gym members.

So how you make sure your Gym is shouting out?

More customers are turning to their friends and family for fitness advice and someone to workout with. Why not offer referral schemes to your existing members, so that they can recommend your gym to people they know, allowing them to join for a discounted price? Advertise this in changing rooms, throughout the gym, send out an email campaign to your database and SMS.

With fitness, comes healthy eating and often gym goers can get lost trawling through the internet, especially with the controversy on what is good for you and what is not. Create a Facebook group and ask your personal trainers to feature a weekly column on a food topic. Share this group across all social media channels and you will be sure to get the interest of new and existing gym members, whilst building a sustainable following.

Recruit some gym ambassadors who are happy to feature in a video promotion showing your latest gym equipment. Focus on the treadmill with a docking station and TV to show your gym is up there with technology trends (everyone loves technology!). Show there is space on nearby machines for customers to work out in comfortable conditions, and this will be sure to win the ultimate gym seekers. Upload this video to social media and watch the number of likes increase, as well as memberships!

Consider an event so you can invite all the newbie’s down for a gym tour. Often new gym visitors can be intimated amongst the regulars with the new surrounding, equipment and what to do. An open day can encourage more customers to sign up with you and feel less pressured as it’s not a one-on-one meeting.

One last thing… Why not offer your existing customers a reward for staying at your gym for so long? Save them money, give them 1 month free and you can be sure they will be telling all their friends, family and colleagues about you. Plus word of mouth is the best strategy above all….

If you need any help getting more customers and implementing the above factors, give Gemma a shout: We would love to work with you!


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