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How Social Media influences Hospitality businesses...

So you are managing a hotel, restaurant, bar or café and you are trading well and you see no point in utilizing social media right? Wrong.

With the growing numbers of users on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest, it is evident social media is not a fad and is here to stay.

It is now easier than ever for you to communicate with your audience, whilst they are searching online for inspiration on places to stay, eat or drink.

Whilst the power of Tripadvisor is encouraging to consumers researching places to go, it is important for hospitality brands to employ all social media channels, so that users can be influenced to try your services, even at times when they are not looking.

Customers are now sharing their positive and/or negative experiences via social media and by responding to each comment, you will position your brand above your competition, from building relationships with your customers. Conducting relationship management will create an online community, full of satisfied and savvy customers, who will act as your marketing team. It is these digital ambassadors who will share your posts and mention your services to their following. All for free!

Hospitality businesses are usually fast paced environments, often because of seasonal trends, local events and peak times like pay day and weekends, that communicating certain promotions can be challenging and time consuming. With social media, businesses can use these platforms to advertise and the speed and reach of the message will be much more cost effective.

To ensure that your digital marketing campaigns are successful, social media provides analytics and insights which will show you how many people your advert has reached, engaged with, how many likes you have got since posting, how many people have clicked the link to your website and how many have shared or commented on your post. It is these measurements that will enable you to identify whether or not social media is working for your business and how you are performing on social media. You may be surprised with the increase of customers you receive, from having an active social media presence.

Analytics will highlight the channels that are most effective for your business. For example, some of your customers may like to publish photos of your food or drink on Instagram, whilst others may like to tweet you their feedback on Twitter and some may like to check in at your business place or upload a selfie of them and friends at your establishment on Facebook. Knowing where your customers are is essential to all your marketing efforts.

A strong social strategy will result in a stronger brand, greater exposure, improved customer service and better relationships.

We understand that the nature of hospitality businesses involves long hours and lack of time to utilise social media to its full potential, which is why GEM MEDIA is offering your business the chance to build your social following and 1 month’s worth of promotion for only £100.00! Email for more information.

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