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Technology companies; why the H2H approach wins over B2B

When talking technology the B2B approach to marketing has been widely adopted - straight talking, professional and highly expert. The problem with this in the current market is that it can become hard to relate to. Technology is no longer a scary or inaccessible topic. Both people and businesses are becoming increasingly willing to work with technology and are keen to understand it, which means that marketing technology is not about talking software, product and code but talking human-to-human and creating an inclusive tone of voice that speaks to people on a personal level.

The H2H approach to marketing has become a definitive tone of voice that is used to engage with businesses and consumers on an emotional level. Applying a H2H marketing strategy to technology marketing means approaching the issues and complications that every day business owners struggle with and offering a solution that speaks directly to them. Developments in technology have adapted to fast changing business environments. Within these environments are businesses looking to embrace innovation to support growth and widen their customer base, and they are looking for a technology company to help them do that.

Most people shy away from confusion. If your technology talk is overtly formal or complicated, it means that you are talking algebra to a large majority. Technology has become more accessible and a greater variety of people are now interacting with it, meaning your tone of voice has to speak to a wider audience. Effective H2H technology marketing will deliver relatable and informative material and convey it in a professional and expert manner. Ensuring your content is unique, intriguing and charismatic will benefit your campaign and relate to a large variety of people.

Offering support and advice and conveying an inclusive tone will show your understanding of the struggles faced when adapting to new technology in business. This will encourage more people to engage with you on a personal level and hugely benefit your marketing campaign. When marketing for technology it is best to remember that you are not talking to a business as an entity but to the people within that business who are looking to enhance the processes and jobs that they carry out on a daily basis and this is why the H2H approach is the most valuable marketing approach - we are only human, after all.

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