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How to produce a compelling narrative on Instagram stories

With its extensive reach, easy access and staggering popularity, Instagram has become one of the most important marketing channels around. Individuals are using it to create businesses and established businesses are using it to communicate with their audience on a personal level, whilst adding further scope to their products. The new Instagram stories feature with real-time updates and ‘live’ streaming means that your business can deliver an even more consistent and personalised channel of communication with your target audience.

Every business can use Instagram to make an impact; all you need to do is get your narrative right, so here’s a little list of our most effective ways to use the new Instagram stories feature;

1. Keep it high quality; The beauty and USP of Instagram is that it is used as a type of photographic gallery for high quality pictures. Those using Instagram most probably appreciate the beauty of an aesthetically pleasing photograph, more so than those on snapchat or twitter, so make sure every picture is top quality. Think effective angles, good lighting and an impressive centrepiece.

2. Use your filters; Every aspect of an image can make an impact on your audience and the instagram filters work with you to do this. There is an array of filters to go with every subject line, from black and white to highlighted, rose-tinted and antique. Knowing your audience will allow you to use these filters to enrich your images and really make an impression.

3. Connect content to popular trends; The hashtag will be your best friend here as you can see ‘popular trending hashtags’ on a daily basis across all social media platforms. Linking your content to these trends whilst connecting it to an aspect of your brand will help you attract more views and establish more followers.

4. Get personal; Don’t be scared to put personal images on instagram – nothing inappropriate or insanely random mind you, but pictures of what you are doing and who the team are, create the intrigue of a ‘behind the scenes’ look. It also provides a more personal brand engagement, allowing people to see the faces behind the company name.

5. Videos are a great way to engage an audience, especially on Instagram stories, as they let your audience know what you are doing ‘right now’ and keep them watching and waiting for what will happen next. People want to be told a story and watching a video is one of the easiest and most effective ways to convey a compelling storyline.

6. Modern marketing is all about projecting your unique business image in a way that engages your target audience. The hype surrounding Instagram and its ability to produce top quality photographs provides the opportunity for unique brand exposure and engagement. Instagram can therefore be key to business success; just look at all the Instagram millionaires! Your business can benefit from this exposure to, all you need to do is make your account and feed as effective as possible.

If you don’t yet have a knockout Instagram page, get in touch with Gemmedia. We have the expertise and insight to boost all your social media platforms, attract more followers and get you more business.

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