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How to put the Bang Back in your Marketing...

Remember Remember… That first Firework catches everyone’s attention. A big bang and a spectacular light display are accompanied by a chorus of mesmerised oohs and aahs. The great ones have you gazing up at the sky for hours in wonder… but some displays just don’t meet expectations and after about 15 minutes spectators begin to grow bored of the repetition, scatter and continue their merriments in the warmth.

What does this have to do with marketing, you ask? In this fitting seasonal analogy we can identify some major marketing dos and don’ts that can help you improve your marketing strategy and outreach. Beginning with the bang…

Marketing is the way a business catches people’s attention. Like the firework, you need to start off with a bang to ensure everyone is looking your way. Whether a punchy email headline, an intriguing poster or an evocative statement on social media, your communication via all marketing channels needs to stand out, speak to your audience and convey your business personality.

Believe it or not there is more to effective marketing then just ‘being active’. Knowing exactly who your audience are as well as what they want to hear is vital as is keeping up with what we call ‘marketing trends’. These trends include everything from hot topics of conversation in public affairs, style or layout of marketing materials and place or time of year. Each needs to be carefully considered and delivered to gain maximum effect.

With the rise of the Internet, direct marketing, such as flyering and networking, is being swept somewhat under the rug. Yet, this pro-active method can be highly effective… despite what computers may tell us, we are all humans still and a little face-to-face interaction will never go amiss. In fact, because it has become more of a rarity in marketing, you are more likely to stand out with these direct approaches.

Unlike the firework your marketing should not be repetitive and should definitely not fizzle out. In marketing, repetition and consistency are two very different things. You MUST be consistent but NOT repetitive.

As a species we are attracted to the familiar but bore easily. This means being regularly active on social media in a consistent tone of voice and conveying a consistent image but with unique, interesting and innovative content. You can plug a product or service on a regular basis, as long as the structure and content within your delivery is fresh every time, this will ensure your audience don’t get bored.

Consistency also means not fizzling out. Marketing requires time and effort to see effects. A one off, one hit wonder campaign may be effective in the short run, but these effects will not last. Your campaigns need to be carefully thought through and provide new, attractive content that appeals to your audience, engages them in new ways and keeps them wanting more.

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