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Which Client Would you Kiss under the Misteltoe

​Let’s face it we all like to feel appreciated, and what better season to show the love than at Christmas. When it comes to this time of year in our personal lives we begin to make more time for the little things, the meeting with friends, the festive drinks, the little indulgences, and this should be the same within business. A business is all about creating and maintaining relationships. Reaching out to your clients in the festive season provides businesses with the opportunity to further solidify your relationship in a fun and thoughtful way, which will create a positive connection between business and client.

You need to make sure that your clients feel appreciated, (and no, we don’t mean you need to take anyone under the mistletoe, in fact we discourage it), we also urge you to steer clear of any bribe-worthy gifts, however appreciative gifts, meeting and cards are a must.

The Christmas Meet

A Christmas get-together can be the perfect way to end a year of business with a client. It allows both parties to talk about what they have learnt, what has worked and expectations for the future, within a fun and relaxed christmas setting - lets face it, most people bring their guards down during the christmas season, allowing themselves that third mince pie and glass of wine. Treating your client to the get-together, whether it is a simple coffee or a lavish lunch, will stand your business in an extremely positive light. Updating your client on what is happening in your business and keeping them in the loop will be much appreciated at this busy time of year.

The Christmas Card

For Gemmedia, cards are a must. The world may be digitalised, but cards are not extinguished yet and we think they are a vital way to show people that you care. A branded Christmas card shows thoughtfulness, effort and dedication to your business and your clients and provides the outlet for a simple note of appreciation. We always love to go traditional with our cards, hand written with envelope and signed and sealed with love, however those of you that have forgotten how to hold a pen can still send your cards at this time of year with the numerous digitalised card services now available online. Share the joy, and get sending those christmas cards!

The Christmas Gift

The Christmas gift is an important part of the business relationship. As well as showing your appreciation, the gift also demonstrates your understanding of your client’s business and your innovation as a company. It could be a simple bottle of Moet and a John Lewis christmas hamper, or go bigger treating them with tickets to a game or performance, or even offer the gift that keeps on giving - the subscription, this way you show appreciation whilst staying firmly in the clients’ mind. As always, it is important to work within your budget, your business image and your client’s style.

Don’t let the christmas period pass away without making these important steps in the business relationship. These simple touches are key to showing your appreciation, maintaining the relationship and setting you up for a successful year ahead.

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