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Getting Festive in the Office; Why Internal Marketing Matters

Company culture is at the top of the Christmas list for a huge majority of employees, especially young professionals moving in to the world of work.

This makes internal marketing an extremely important part of company life as it allows the entire workforce to feel involved in what’s happening around the office and creates a more inclusive and enjoyable environment.

What better time to muster the company culture than at Christmas...

Lets face it, we all love to see Christmas decorations at this time of year; we have become accustomed to the glisten of fairy lights, the rustle of tinsel and the absolute necessity of mince pies.

Creating a festive atmosphere in the office, shows employees that the business recognises the Christmas spirit and is fully involved in it. It creates a more enjoyable working environment and, if nothing else, it helps to make the office that touch more bearable in the winter months.

Getting those Christmas parties organised is also a must do, as it letting everyone know about it through an internal newsletter or email. The Christmas party gives the office something to look forward to, shows employees that they’re appreciated and generally provides a fun atmosphere for the company to enjoy - away from work attire and business talk. Getting this booked in and creating a buzz for it in the office should be a top priority for internal marketing.

Secret Santa is another great activity for the office at Christmas. This can be done through a company email, or even a scheduled meeting to add some humour to the office.

These fun festive touches bring excitement and interaction to the Christmas period in the office and will help to create a positive and good-humoured company culture that strengthens ties between business and employee.

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