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Organically Stand Out in the Christmas Hustle and Bustle

With so many businesses battling to the top of the Google ranks, marketing has become an essential tool for businesses - and an increasingly tough one to master.

Online traffic is even busier at Christmas time, when businesses market new Christmas campaigns through a variety of marketing strategies and methods. With all the festive activity, it is easy for a business to get lost amongst the hustle and bustle.

Many businesses, especially the ‘bigger name’ brands, make their way to the top through paid search marketing strategies. Although this is an extremely effective advertising tool for any business, it is costly and for SME’s at this time of year, that money may not be available. Organic marketing takes much more time and effort but is an extremely effective solution in the long term.

Organic Marketing sees search results based on Search Engine Algorithms and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It works by building a constant stream of traffic from your website, in the form of blogs, website content and social media. It is essentially the backbone of your visibility online, as it provides a constant stream of top quality information that attracts a particular target audience.

To stand out with organic marketing at Christmas time you need a solid strategy; this means a structured campaign, which targets the necessary audience with original content and engaging methods, such as relevant articles, offers or improved services.

Key words and buzz terms are essential in organic marketing. These change throughout the year, as does the situation of the market actively searching them. This means that organic marketing takes time, you need to identify these trends on a daily basis and use them within your online content. Adapting with the online market is essential, so a strong insight is key to successful organic campaigns. Recycling old content will still offer a stream of traffic but it will not have the same impact as creating new material that catches the eye of the current market.

The variety of online platforms now makes organic marketing more accessible and effective than ever. By taking the time to understand and adapt to the market, a business can effectively engage with an audience and stand out from the crowd.

Does your business want to stand out in the online Christmas hustle and bustle? Gemmedia MK specialise in effective organic marketing campaigns and will help your business stand out this Christmas.

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